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Need to contact an MLEA Student? To reach a student during normal working hours contact the MLE Academy Command Administrative Assistant at (843) 746-7951. In emergent situations after normal working hours you may contact the Visitor Control Center or the MLEA Officer of the Day.

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (24x7)



Telephone Number

Security Police: Emergency

(843) 974-6305

Security Police: Non-Emergency

(843) 974-6303

Visitor Control Center

(843) 746-0850



MLE Academy Contact Info for Students Enroute to Training (24x7)



Telephone Number

If you experience any travel delays or have any other questions while en route to MLEA you must call the Officer of the Day. The MLEA Officer of the Day is available 24x7.


Officer of the Day

(843) 259-1656


If your luggage is lost while traveling to FLETC, you should provide the air carrier with the following address so that they may deliver it to you when it is found:


Lost Luggage Return Address

FLETC Visitor Control Center
2000 Bainbridge Ave
North Charleston, SC 29405
(843) 746-0850


MLE Academy Staff (Normal Working Hours)



Telephone Number

Commanding Officer

(843) 746-7953

Executive Officer

(843) 746-7954

Judge Advocate

(843) 746-7938

Command Master Chief

(843) 746-0833

Command Administrative Assistant

(843) 746-7951

Training Division Officer

(843) 746-0838

Performance Systems Branch Chief

(843) 746-7960

Yeoman Petty Officer

(843) 566-8500 ext. 67957

Supply Petty Officer

(843) 740-6607


(843) 740-3147

Duty HS

(843) 708-4317

Medical Fax

(843) 740-3155

Administration/Command Fax

(843) 746-7999



Maritime Enforcement Specialist "A" School


Telephone Number

School Chief

(843) 746-7935

Assistant School Chief

(843) 746-0837


Staff Postal Address

Commanding Officer
USCG Maritime Law Enforcement Academy
2000 Bainbridge Ave.
Charleston, SC 29405
Attn: <name>


Student Postal Address

Commanding Officer
USCG Maritime Law Enforcement Academy
<class number>
2000 Bainbridge Ave.
Charleston, SC 29405
Attn: <name>


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