Comprehensive Law Enforcement
Assessment of Readiness (CLEAR)



IAW ALCOAST 408/20 authorizes in-person AIA activities to resume. On 31 January 2021 in-person assessments well start being conducted.  The CLEAR team is taking extensive precautions to keep your members safe including a Home-ROM for 14 days prior to your scheduled visit. Your assessment team lead will conduct a briefing on day one covering the measures taken and procedures during the visit. If there are concerns, or your unit has additional restrictions for visitors, please do not hesitate to contact your CLEAR POC or CWO3 Robert Holt ( If this visit cannot be conducted based on state or local restrictions, or due to a safety concern at your unit, a cancellation request may be sent to MLEA via your operational command including justification for the cancellation.

 Your Law Enforcement Readiness is vital; if you have any questions or concerns regarding your units readiness email us at or fill out the Clear Contact Form and a CLEAR Team member will be in contact with you as soon as they are available.

CLEAR visits are to be conducted once every 24 months (biennially) for all units conducting Maritime Law Enforcement (MLE) operations. In addition to assessing the unit's MLE administration, equipment and qualified law enforcement personnel proficiencies, the unit's Law Enforcement Instructors (LEI) will be expected to participate and will be evaluated on their ability to administer and perform MLE training IAW current policy.

The latest available information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found at  Members should review that guidance as well as all publicly available Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidance to safeguard from exposure

For general Inquiries to the Clear Team you can fill out this Clear Contact Form