Boarding Officer Qualification Support Program


This course has been discontinued


The Boarding Officer Qualification Support Program (BOQSP) is designed to provide a foundation in applicable legal concepts, stressing both self-paced (E-Learning Course) and practical experience (Resident Course) in maritime law enforcement operations. This aggressive qualification program, involving multiple facets of training, requires commitment from unit, student, and staff to manage both time and LECQM certification requirements.

Due to the accelerated pace of instruction, personnel enrolling in the BOQSP should be high performing and experienced BTMs. Excellent candidates for the BOQSP are prior graduates of the MLEA’s BTM resident course, ME “A” school graduates, as well as individuals with prior law enforcement experience.

Eligibility Criteria for the BOQSP (combined E-Learning course and resident course):

  • Unit has capacity to support qualification process: LECQM reviews and certification (practical evaluation/boarding experience)
  • Unit willing to dedicate individual's IDT periods to E-Learning program and OJT certification
  • E-4 and above
  • Certified or previously certified as Coast Guard Boarding Team Member.
  • Available and willing to serve ADT during one of the 2-week BOPC convenings.
  • Committed to completing program syllabus, including dedicating IDT/ADT time to the program .
  • Recommended by command and command is prepared to meet additional unit support requirements.

The Boarding Officer Support Program consists of the following parts:

Part 1. Introduction to Maritime Law Enforcement Course (E-Learning):  Web-based course consisting of computer-based modules and a comprehensive final exam (Learning Management System Course Code's: 501852A-D). E-Learning is available at the USCG Learning Portal. 

Part 2. End of Course Test (IMLE EOCT) administered by the unit ESO. The EOCT is found in LMS under course catalog, qualification courses, (IMLE EOCT) "Intro to MLE."

Part 3. Boarding Officer Practical Course (BOPC): Two-week resident course held at the Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement Academy in Charleston, SC.

Part 4. On-the-Job Training (OJT): Training for area specific tasks and remaining LECQI items, conducted at the unit level. This will include the actual LECQM sign off for each member.

Part 5. Oral Board and Unit Certification: Conducted at the Unit level for evaluating members’ knowledge, skills, maturity, and judgment for final certification as a Boarding Officer.

How to Apply:

Potential candidates should request enrollment into the program through the unit's chain of command. Once all pre-reqs have been  met the  training officer should submit an ETR for a class convene 45 days in advance. Any member that has not completed all required items will not be able to attend and the unit will be required to submit a cancellation or substitution message.

 Course Chief:

LTJG Dan Nelson
U. S. Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement Academy
(843) 746-7984