Comprehensive Law Enforcement Assessment of Readiness (CLEAR) Team



The CLEAR Program’s mission is to provide operational commanders with timely information regarding subordinate unit’s conformance to Coast Guard law enforcement (LE) standards in order to support excellence in LE mission execution. The CLEAR program accomplishes its mission by conducting unit assessments and providing an in-depth report of findings and associated recommendations. In addition; the CLEAR goals are to assist with unit LE Instructor (LEI) development; and recommend service wide solutions based on assessment findings. 


CLEAR visits are conducted every 24 months (biennially) for all units conducting Maritime Law Enforcement (MLE) operations. In addition to assessing the unit’s MLE administration, equipment and qualified law enforcement personnel proficiencies, the unit’s Law Enforcement Instructors will be expected to participate and will be evaluated on their ability to administer and perform MLE training IAW current policy. References to assist units in preparation for their scheduled assessment are available on the CLEAR Portal site.


CLEAR TEAM Portal link:



CWO Mitch Workman