Precision Marksmanship Instructor (PMI)

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    This course is designed to prepare prospective Precision Marksman (PM) trainers to provide sustainment and proficiency training and administer critical task evaluations to personnel in the PM program. Students will be expected to utilize coaching and instructor skills to prepare them to perform as a Precision Marksman Instructor (PMI).

    This course consists of classroom instruction and instructor-led/train-the-trainer advanced practical exercises (drills) at the small group level provided in a 17 day resident course for General Schedule (GS) employees and military pay grades E-5 and above, pending assignment as a PMI. Subject matter will prepare designated unit trainers to sustain PM skills as a PMI; this includes verification of PM knowledge and skills and instruction on PMI foundational knowledge, techniques and methods of coaching and training. PMI students are grouped with an instructor/mentor and a role player trainee. This provides observation of simulated trainees while being supervised and mentored by an assigned instructor. The student must achieve an 80 percent passing grade on written evaluations and achieve a Go of the Go/No Go grading criteria for practical evaluations in order to successfully complete the course.

    17 Days

    Located on the SMTC Portal page and can be accessed through a workstation III.