Precision Marksmanship Core (PMC)

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    PURPOSE: This course is designed to provide prospective Precision Marksman (PM) with a working knowledge of the equipment, procedures, and skills utilized by unit assigned PMs throughout the Coast Guard to prepare them for their designated strand specific training as specified in Precision Marksman Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP), CGTTP 3-95.11 and other applicable references.

    Precision Marksman-Core is a 20 day course that provides selected personnel with core precision rifle marksmanship skills. This course consists of classroom instruction and practical field exercises, including extended long range live-fire evolutions. Course curriculum and practical application includes basic and precision rifle marksmanship skills, operation and maintenance of a precision weapon system, ballistics science, mental performance skills, zeroing, data collection, precision rifle optics, environmental effects, range estimation, offset holds, moving/multiple/limited-exposure target engagement, unconventional position shooting, target engagement under stress, operation of night vision devices, and laser aiming devices. Day and night live fire training events are conducted for most evolutions, barring cancellations due to hazardous weather conditions. During live-fire evolutions, students will be placed in shooter/spotter pairs for practical application and must achieve a Go of the Go/No Go grading criteria while serving in both roles as well as achieve a Go on selected PM Critical Task Evaluations in order to successfully complete the course.

    20 Days

    Located on the SMTC Portal page and can be accessed through a workstation III.