Opposing Force Tactical Coxswain Course (OPFOR)

    Course Contact:
    (910) 440-7639

    To provide the assigned tactical coxswains with the knowledge and skills to perform as a unit-level Opposing Force (OPFOR) Tactical Coxswain in support of tactical boat operations.

    The target population for this course is Coast Guard tactical coxswains within the rank of E-5 to E-9 and CWOs assigned as Station Commanding Officers. This course consists of classroom and underway instruction and instructor-led/train the trainer advanced practical exercises. Subject matter is designed to prepare the Tactical Coxswain (TCOXN) to successfully conduct boat operations tactical sustainment training in the capacity as the Opposing Force (OpFor) TCOXN. The student will be trained to conduct underway tactical training by acting as an OpFor vessel, while planning and organizing all considerations needed to safely replicate underway mission scenarios.

    8 Days not including the weekend