Training Contacts

    Training Officer
    LCDR John Sgarlata

    Deputy Training Officer
    LT Nicholas M. Pavlik

    Instructional Systems Branch Chief
    LT Lloyd W. Heflin

    Boat Tactics Branch Chief
    LCDR John T. Gatti  

    Opposing Force Tactical Coxswain (OPFOR)
    Tactical Coxswain Course - A (TCC-A)
    Tactical Bow Gunner Course (TBGC)

    Weapons Branch Chief
    Mr. Luis A. Avalos

    Crew-Served Weapon, MK-19, 40mm Machine Gun

    Deployable Specialized Forces Branch Chief
    LCDR Andrew J Somplasky

    Tactical Operations Course (TOC)
    Advanced Marksmanship Instructor (AMI)
    Close Quarters Combat Instructors (CQCI)
    Precision Marksman Core (PMC)
    Precision Marksman Instructor (PMI)

    Expeditionary Branch Chief
    LCDR Brandi Graham

    PATFORSWA Pre-Deployment Training
    Port Security Unit – Expeditionary Operations Course (PSU-EOC)
    Port Security Unit – Shoreside Operations Course (PSU-SSOC)
    Chemical, Biological, Radiation, and Nuclear (CBRN), Standard and Defense Course