Crew-Served Weapon MK19 40mm Machine Gun Course

    Crew-Served Weapon, MK-19, 40mm Machine Gun Course Contact:
    (910) 440-6199

    To introduce members of the USCG to the information and skills needed to operate the MK-19 40mm Grenade Machine Gun, and to engage assigned targets while applying proper operation, employment, and safety procedures, in accordance with current Coast Guard requirements and appropriate manuals.
    This course provides E-1 through O-3 personnel with instruction on basic skills required of a USCG MK-19 gunner. The student will be required to complete classroom and practical exercises. There will be a number of practical exercises and live fire training.


    Operators 3 days; Maintainers 5 days


    1. Members attending must have pending or orders to Patrol Forces Southwest Asia (PATFORSWA).
    2. Fit for full duty.
    3. Members wishing to attend the Intermediate Level Maintenance portion of the MK19 course must be rated Gunners Mates, ranked E-4 through E-9.