Advanced Tactical Operations Course (ATOC)

    Course Contact:
    (910) 650-0232

    This eight week course delivers maritime interdiction Advanced Combat Marksmanship and Close Quarters Combat training to prepare personnel for short notice maritime response operations. This course is designated as “High Risk Training.”
    This course consists of classroom instruction and instructor-led/supervised advanced practical exercises (drills) at the small group level (4 and 8 man group) provided in an intensive eight week resident course. Subject matter is designed to prepare assigned members of Maritime Security Response Team and Maritime Safety and Security Team San Diego to effectively, efficiently, and safely execute the duties and responsibilities of a Direction Action Section team member. The course covers Advanced Interdiction and Counterterrorism (AI & CT) skills such as Advanced Combat Marksmanship, Advanced Close Quarters Combat, Shipboard Tactics and Breaching.

    40 Days

    PREREQUISITES, Equipment List, Individual Equipment, Individual Documentation and Additional Info:
    Located on the SMTC Portal page and can be accessed through workstation III