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Chaplain's Office

The Chaplain is a clergyman (Priest, Minister, Rabbi), in uniform. The primary role of the Chaplain is that of a spiritual leader while at the same time functioning as a Naval Officer within the framework of the command structure. Most matters discussed with the Chaplain are considered to be confidential communication.

If you would like to see the Chaplain, go through your chain of command. Let your LPO or OIC know you need to see the Chaplain; however, you do not need to tell the details of the problem if it is personal.

Call or stop in at the office to make an appointment. The Chaplain's door is always open; you do not have to request to see him/her.

Chaplain's Office
(910) 451-3210

For after-hours or emergency help, contact MCB CDO
(910) 451-2414
(910) 440-7543
(910) 440-7544

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday - 0730-1630

Sunday Service for Courthouse Bay:

0930 - Catholic Mass
1100 - Protestant Worship

For other religious services and a calendar of events please see the Schedule located on Camp Lejeune Chaplain's website.