Joint Services Transcript (JST)

The Joint Service Transcript is a joint military service transcript showing ACE credit recommendations for the Army, Coast Guard, Navy, and Marines. For the Coast Guard, the JST is available for active duty, reserve, civilian, spouses of active duty, and Auxiliary members. Spouses and Auxiliary members will have to request access through ETQC Registrar Services (RS) to be added to the system.

Your Official Transcript


Why do I need an Official Transcript?

Colleges require an official transcript before they will award college credit for military advancement and training. Many colleges will not accept a copy from a student in order to ensure the integrity of the courses. The transcript must come from the original source.


​Both the official and unofficial JST copies will list the following items:

  • Military Training history
  • Rate history
  • Military correspondence course history
  • College credit examinations history
  • Certification history

Accessing Your Transcript

1.    Click on this link to log into the JST website where you can view and print your unofficial military transcript. 
2.   Active-duty members, reservists, and civilians may use their CAC card to log into the JST. Spouses of active-duty members, separatees, retirees or those who do not have a CAC card will have to register for a JST account at the JST website.
3.   If you are using a non-CAC account login, your account will be valid for 30 days.
4.   If your account expires, simply re-register. The JST will allow you to view all of your certifications, training and course completions related to your military career and breaks down the recommended college credit earned through your military training and experience according to the American Council on Education.

Reviewing Your Unofficial Transcript

Once you log into the JST, you will be able to view your educational record. It is your opportunity to ensure it lists what you have accomplished in the military.  You will want to make sure that your record is up to date & complete.  After creating your account and logging in to the website, select “Transcript” to review an unofficial copy of your JST before requesting an official transcript be sent to your college.  Does it include:
    Recruit training
    USCG "A" Schools
    Your rate at its highest level
    All courses which have ACE credit
Review your courses for ACE credit recommendations here
    CLEP/DSST tests
    Cancelled courses
These are just a few items that may be wrong on your transcript. If you find an error, complete the Request for Joint Services Transcript, Form ETQC-1562 and forward it with verifiable documentation for the missing courses and forward it with verifiable documentation for the missing courses and forward it with verifiable documentation for the missing courses and forward it with verifiable documentation for the missing courses (certificates/course completion letters, etc.) to ETQC Registrar Services for review/processing and send to Check that your name appears on all the documentation you send.