Education and Quota Management Command 


The Education and Training Quota Management Command (ETQC) was established in 2017 as a result of the merger between the legacy Coast Guard Institute (CGI) and the Training and Quota Management Center (TQC).
TQC was established in the 1980’s as the Coast Guard Ship Introduction Unit (SIU) and was responsible for coordinating pre-arrival training for the pre-commissioning crews of the Famous Class 270’ WMEC’s. The initial staff of five was co-located with the Boiler Technician “A” School at the Fleet Training Center (FTC) Norfolk.  SIU transferred from FTC Norfolk to Support Center Portsmouth and subsequently to the Fifth Coast Guard District.  As a result of the increased mission requirements and the rapid growth of the cutter training program, on April 1, 1991, the SIU was commissioned and renamed the Coast Guard Training Quota Management Center, relocating to the Coast Guard Finance Center (FINCEN).  In 1998, TQC shifted to the FINCEN Annex building. In September 2019, ETQC moved to Main Street Tower in Norfolk, VA.
CGI was established in 1928 to learn the intricacies of non-resident training.  The Institute was initially co-located with the Marine Corps Institute in Washington D.C.  In 1929 the CGI moved to Fort Trumbull in New London, CT. It stayed there for 13 years before moving across the river to Avery Point in Groton. This remained its home for 25 years.  In 1967, after Avery Point Training Station disestablished, the CGI moved to the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City, OK.  The primary reason for the relocation to OKC was to take advantage of the FAA’s advanced computer complex which was a great step forward for the CGI’s methods of conducting business.

As of July 14, 2017, CGI and TQC officially integrated, IAW OFCO 001-1

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Education and Training Quota Management Command US Coast Guard
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