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Go to College
•Spouses of active duty members may have ACE credit for examinations and/or for prior military experience. If so, spouses may request a Joint Service Transcript (JST) to document their ACE credits. Spouses are encouraged to review college credit by examination and the DANTES Independent Study Catalog or DANTES Study Library for available examinations and resources. Many of these resources are free to spouses. See "JST" under ACTIVE DUTY MEMBERS for more details.

•If the spouse is also a former military member, please see the information under RETIRED/SEPARATED MEMBERS.
•If items are missing or are wrong on the JST, the spouse should complete Application for Correction Form ETQC-1562. The spouse should provide copies of documentation for the missing items. For spouses, the Registrar's Office often has to build the record in the JST because the initial data is not in Direct Access.

Creating a JST Record
In order to build a JST record for the spouse, the Registrar's Office needs additional information:

◾Full SSN
◾Date of Birth

To avoid exposing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), it is recommended that one of the following methods be used:
•Email: Email the scanned documents (.pdf format is preferred) to ETQC-SMB-RO@uscg.mil with the PII and protect the documents with a password. Either send the password via separate email or by phone (757) 366-6578.
•Fax: Fax the documents (757) 366-6575 & then call the CG ETQC Registrar's Office (757) 366-6578 with the needed PII.
•Mail: Mail documentation with PII via USPS to:

USCG ETQC Registrar's Office
1430-D Kristina Way
 Chesapeake, VA 23326

 Pay for College
Since spouses/dependents are not eligible for tuition assistance, the following list may provide scholarship funding opportunities.

CG Foundation's Lisa Cook Reed Spouse Education Grant




About the grant
•Grant is supported by gift funds from the CG Foundation and will be disbursed based on availability of funds on a first come, first served basis.
•Grant is intended to assist spouses pursuing professional development courses, licensing courses, certificates, certifications and undergraduate/graduate degrees.

Who is eligible?
•Spouses of active duty enlisted personnel in pay grades E-3 to E-6.
•Spouses of Reservists (pay grades E-3 to E-6) on any type of active duty orders for at least one year in duration.
Applicants must be pursuing professional development courses, licensing courses, certificates, certifications, and college and graduate level degrees from a nationally or regionally accredited institution.

What will the grant cover?
•Required educational items not funded through other educational resources.
•May include: books, school fees and transportation.

How much will the grant pay?
•The maximum payable is $500 per calendar year.

What is the application process?
•Applications may be in advance of class dates, however applicants must supply proof of enrollment.
The Coast Guard Foundation's Lisa Cook Reed Spouse Education Grants can only be submitted online through the Coast Guard Foundation's website. Inquiries regarding the application process or the status of an application can be addressed via e-mail at info@cgfdn.org.