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Go to College
Retired and separated members may request a Joint Service Transcript (JST) to document their credits earned through the military. If items are missing or wrong on the JST, retired and separated members should complete an Application for Correction Form ETQC-1562.

Submit the ETQC-1562 along with copies of documentation for the missing or erroneous item to the Registrar's Office. More information about JST can be found at the "JST" section under the Official Military Transcript in the ACTIVE DUTY MEMBERS section.

Pay for College
Since retired and separated members are no longer eligible for tuition assistance, the following list may provide scholarship funding opportunities.

◦Scholarship, grant & loan resources
◦Military Scholarships
◦Scholarships and Grants at the College or University where the member wishes to attend (Check with the Financial Aid office as colleges often have their own scholarships.)

The VA is the prime source for funding for separated and retired members. Additional information and assistance with VA programs and resources can be obtained by calling the VA at 888-442-4551 or (703) 872-6643.