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Reservists are eligible to take end-of course tests and qualification tests offered by the CG; however, Rating Advancement Tests (RAT) and EPME Advancement Qualification Exams (AQE) are suspended indefinitely in accordance with ALCOAST Commandant Notice (CAN) 323/16. The few that are still available can be found under Education Services Officers>ESO Essentials.

Note: The only course that currently yields retirement points is Search and Rescue Fundamentals, SARFND (0431-4).

Another way to earn college credit is by taking examinations instead of courses. DANTES examinations are offered to Reservists free of charge. For more information, see Active Duty>Earn Credits to Apply Toward Your Degree.

Official Military Transcript


To see your official military transcript, go to Active Duty>Official Military Transcript. You can see what ACE credits you will receive from your CG courses and rate. If your record is blank or if something is missing on the transcript, please fill out the ETQC Form-1562.


College credit can be earned by taking examinations instead of courses. Theses DANTES examinations are offered to reservists free of charge. See "EARN CREDITS" under ACTIVE DUTY.

Tuition Assistance
•Reserve members on active duty must meet all requirements set forth in the latest ALCOAST or standing policy in order to utilize TA.
•Reserve members must be on long-term active duty orders greater than 180 days.
•Back to back sets of active duty orders that, combined together total more than 180 days, does not qualify.

CG Foundation Education Grants
• In accordance with ALCOAST 215/16, these grants are currently suspended until further notice.
To be eligible for CG Foundation Grants, reservists must be:
E-3 to E-6.
Currently serving on active duty orders of at least one year.

Montgomery & Post 9/11 GI Bill
U.S. Coast Guard Department of Veteran Affairs Educational Assistance Branch

Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP)
REAP is a no cost education program for members of the Ready Reserve who are called or ordered to active duty in response to a war or national emergency as declared by the President or Congress.

Who is eligible?
Members of the Ready Reserve who are called or ordered to active duty in response to a war or national emergency as declared by the President or Congress.
Eligible Contingency Operations are OEF, OIF and ONE.
You must have served at least 90 continuous days on or after 11 Sep 01.
Members who did not complete the 90 days due to a line of duty separation may also qualify.

What are the benefits?
Benefits are a percentage of the MGIB-AD 3 year rate based on length of time served on active duty.
See Current Payment Rates on the REAP section of the VA website for rates.
You may also contribute to a Buy-Up program where you may receive up to an additional $150 per month.

How can I get more information?
Additional information can be found at:
CG Reserve Website
FLAG VOICE 282: Reserve Education Assistance Program
For further information on eligibility or Buy-Up, email ReserveVAeducation@uscg.mil. Please put REAP, your name & EMPLID in the subject line.