Tuition Assistance Indebtedness

ETQC regularly conducts audits of courses, monitor separation data, and works closely with the Navy to resolve any debts incurred to members who are required to payback Tuition Assistance.


Reasons for Indebtedness Exceptions to Indebtedness

Collectable Grades (see table)
Withdraw or Dropping a course after the 100% drop period
Enlisted member separating prior to the course completion
Active Duty/Reserve Officer requesting separation prior to fulling the mandatory service obligation (2 years for AD and 4 for Reserve). Obligation is calculated based upon course end date. ​

1. Non-selected for promotion (Mandatory Separation)
2. Mandatory Retirement
3. Discharged in connection with a reduction of forces
4. Separation by reason of physical disability, illness, injury, or other  impairment
5. Hardship Discharge 

Note: Discharge because of misconduct is not an exception.

Collectable Grades Fast Facts
The following are considered "collectible grades" and require repayment:
Undergraduate level (D) or lower grades
Graduate level (C) or lower graduate level (C) or lower grades
Non-passing (N) grades-passing (N) grades
Incomplete (I) grades in effect longer than six months (Submit an unofficial transcript via issue tracker to update the grade)
Voluntary withdrawal (W) grades without a waiver​
Your academic institution is responsible for submitting your Final Grade in the Academic Institution Module (AIM) or grades can be submitted via the Issue Tracker in MyCG Ed. ​


Members are strongly encouraged to maintain communication with their ESO and school advisor when issues arise that will affect the successful completion of their course. 

 You may request a waiver due to Indebtedness.  Examples of Policy and Indebtedness Waivers can be found on ETQC’s Portal Page. ETQC - Tuition Waiver (

 Resolving TA Indebtedness

 Pay Tuition Assistance Debt using E-Billing. It is the member’s responsibility to resolve their indebtedness to the US Government. E-Billing will allow military members the ability to pay tuition assistance debt using either a debit card or a Pay Pal account. No credit cards will be accepted.

1.    Member incurs tuition assistance debt for collectable grades.
2.    Member will receive an email letter of indebtedness for any "collectable grades".
3.    Within two days of receiving the initial email notification, they will receive an email from Pay.Gov
         a. *If you do not see the email, please check your junk/spam folder.
4.    The Pay.Gov email will include instructions on how to submit TA debt online using either a Pay Pal account or a debit card. No credit cards will be accepted.
The e-bill received is only active for 45 days from the date of issue. After the 45 days the e-bill is cancelled and the payroll deduction for TA collection will begin.