Education & Professional Development Branch (FC-Tepd)

    The Education and Professional Development Branch coordinates educational opportunity programs for Coast Guard personnel to improve the professional and academic abilities of the Coast Guard workforce.

    Primary Functions

    • Manage the Enlisted Performance Qualifications System.
    • Provide supervisory oversight of the Coast Guard Institute
    • Manage the Coast Guard's voluntary education program to include tuition assistance, Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), and Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC).
    • Coordinate Enlisted Performance Qualification Reviews.
    • Prepare resource proposals for voluntary education programs.
    • Benchmark DoD voluntary education programs and initiatives. Develop and maintain standard operating procedures for the Coast Guard education service officers.
    • Serve as the Voluntary Education Service Chief and maintain liaison with the DoD Service Chiefs on high level policy issues.
    • Manage the advanced education program including the training allowance billet (TAB) allocation process.
    • Serve as program manager for the Coast Guard Foreign Language Program.
    • Approve curriculum outlines for all Coast Guard training delivered by the Leadership Development Center and Training Center Cape May.
    • Collect, coordinate, and validate training and education requirements from the Leadership Development Center and Training Center Cape May.
    • Provide in-service testing authority for policy affecting the Armed Services Vocational Testing Battery.