Degree Reporting in DA and JST

ACN 050/19 announced changes in policy/procedure for entering degree conferral data in an Active Duty or Reserve member's Direct Access (DA) Person Profile record. Effective 01MAY19, all college degrees, whether obtained prior to joining the Coast Guard; through an Advanced Education program; or through the use of Tuition Assistance, will be entered into the member's DA Person Profile record by the Education and Training Quota Management Command (ETQC) Registrar Services.
Note: Prior to requesting an electronic transcript through your college, it is important to verify that your school is able to transmit electronic transcripts to a military site. Some Colleges such as Texas A&M and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) experience problems with transmitting correspondence to military networks. To mitigate this issue, the alternative is to have an official paper copy of your transcript sent using the below procedures.



Adding a Degree Completion to Direct Access  

Members are responsible for having an official copy of their college/university transcript sent to Coast Guard ETQC Registrar Services, Voluntary Education Division.  
All official transcripts must include:
  1. Member’s name
  2. Major/minor of degree obtained.
  3. Level of degree obtained (e.g. BA, MA, JD)
  4. Date of degree conferral
  5. Be sent in a sealed envelope or transmitted securely directly from the degree granting institution to ETQC.
Paper copies of official transcripts shall be mailed from the degree granting institution directly to ETQC at the address below.
Commanding Officer
Education Training and Quota Management Command
ATTN: Registrar Services 
300 East Main Street Suite 1201 
Norfolk, VA 23510

Official e-transcript deliveries shall be sent from the academic institution to:
Members whose degree granting institutions utilize Parchment as its third-party e-transcript delivery service shall request transcripts be sent to the “US COAST GUARD” Parchment account.
Transcripts intercepted by a member and forwarded to ETQC Registrar Services are no longer considered official and will not be honored.
Only conferrals from regionally and nationally accredited colleges and universities will be entered into a member's record. Previous entries for colleges/universities that are not regionally or nationally accredited will be removed. Members can check accreditation of their college by visiting

Urgent Board Entries  

Members going before a promotion board or selection panel, please add "Board Urgent" to the address to help Registrar Services quickly identify those transcripts needing expedited processing.
Commanding Officer
Education Training and Quota Management Command
ATTN: Registrar Services (Board Urgent)
300 East Main Street Suite 1201 
Norfolk, VA 23510
Members are reminded to take timely action in requesting transcripts from academic institutions. ETQC Registrar Services has no control over how long it takes for schools to forward an official copy of your transcript(s) nor can we control how long it might take for your transcript(s) to be entered in your iPERMS; plan accordingly. A "Letter of Completion" will not be accepted in lieu of an official transcript. 
Registrar Services shall only validate degree conferrals in DA. Transcripts of completed coursework, but short of a conferral cannot be validated until the academic institution bestows the conferral. Transcripts of validated degrees will be posted to the iPERMS in accordance with the Military Personnel Data Records (PDR) System, COMDTINST M1080.10 (series). Additionally, transcripts of completed degrees will be forwarded to JST for entry.
Validation of current entries
In the event that a member has an incomplete entry listed in the DA person profile education record, Registrar Services will attempt to verify the entry in the Intergrated Personnel Electronic Records Management (iPERMS). If transcripts are not found or illegible, the member will be notified via e-mail and will have 30 days to submit an official transcript to ETQC Registrar Services for validation. Once validated, the transcript will be posted to the member's iPERMS.  If the process fails to confirm degree completion, the degree will be removed from the member's Direct Access person profile.