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Grant Information

CG Foundation Grant is CLOSED Effective 11DEC2023



Coast Guard Foundation Education Grant (CGFEG and WFEG) 

• Thoroughly review the eligibility criteria outlined within the CG Foundation Grant Process Guide and FAQ's
• Member must complete the electronic Coast Guard Foundation Education Grant Application.
• All applications submitted prior to the open grant season, will be returned without processing. 


Application Review Process

ETQC reviews all applications in the order received. During the review process, ETQC validates the following:

• All fields on the CGFEG and WFEG application are complete.

• Member meets the eligibility criteria. 

• Member has provided proof of enrollment and legible receipts.

• Expenses claimed are authorized under the CGFEG or WFEG program.

• During and post review process, ETQC will notify the member of the results of the submitted application.

• For approved applications, a grant check will be mailed within 60 days of notification to the address listed on the application. 

• ESO’s and members should wait at least 60 days before contacting ETQC regarding non-receipt of a grant check.


Application Dispute Process

If an application does not meet the minimum standards, ETQC will return the application to the member and their respective ESO, unprocessed.

In the event, a member believes the application was returned erroneously. In that case, members may dispute the decision by submitting a memo to Commanding Officer, ETQC, no later than 30 days after receiving the denial notification. Please email the memo to:

Commanding Officer
300 E. Main Street
Norfolk, VA 23510