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ACE Credit for Civilians and the Official Military Transcript
•CG Civilian employees may have ACE credit for courses taken through the Coast Guard, for examination credits and/or for prior military service credit. If so, CG Civilians may request a Joint Service Transcript (JST) for those courses/exams with ACE credit.
•Access the Joint Service Transcript (JST) .Log in with your CAC. Select "Transcripts" from the top menu to view your unofficial JST and review it for accuracy.
•If items are missing or are wrong on the JST, civilians should complete Application for Correction Form ETQC-1562 and submit it to the Registrar's Office. Be sure to include with documentation for the missing or erroneous items. More information about JST can be found in "JST" under ACTIVE DUTY MEMBERS. Scroll down to OFFICIAL MILITARY TRANSCRIPT.

•College credit can be earned by taking examinations sponsored by DANTES. Civilians are encouraged to review college credit by examination and especially the CG ETQC Study Library for available examinations and resources. Many of these resources are free to civilians. See "EARN CREDITS" under ACTIVE DUTY MEMBERS for details.

•The DANTES sponsored examinations are eligible to be listed on the JST. If a civilian successfully passed a CLEP or DSST exam previously and the exams do not appear on the JST, the civilian should submit copies of the score reports using the Application for Correction Form ETQC-1562. Note that civilians are no longer be able to take DANTES-sponsored examinations free of charge.

Pay for College
•Tuition Assistance: Civilian employees are not eligible for CG Tuition Assistance, per ALCOAST 302/16.
•Scholarship, grant & loan resources: A list of links for scholarships is provided as a resource for civilians.
•Additional scholarships and grants may be available through the college or university that you are attending. Check with your academic advisor or the financial aid office.

Links for Scholarships


The following links have been collected and may provide scholarship funding potential. The Coast Guard Institute does not have any ties to these sites listed, and only provides these links as a service to assist with your searches.