Aviation Training Center (ATC)

    Mobile, Alabama



    Clinic Hours of Operation: 0700-1130 & 1300-1530, Mon – Fri

    The ATC Mobile Medical / Dental Clinic provides primary care services for active duty, military retirees (limited services), and family members (space available) by appointment.  The clinic staff performs the duties of the Primary Care Manager (PCM) for all active duty members in the Mobile area.  All active duty personnel must check in with the clinic for TRICARE registration as part of the check in process with your unit.

    This clinic is not part of the TRICARE network for dependents (TRICARE PRIME).  Family members of active duty members electing to use TRICARE Standard and TRICARE Plus are eligible for care.  Visits for active duty dependents using TRICARE Standard are by appointment only and on space available basis only.

    Services provided to Retired members: Pharmacy services, limited dental services, and Eyeglasses (Limited selection).  

     Dental services for retirees and dependents are provided on a SPACE AVAILABLE ONLY, please contact the dental clinic for details.

    Routine Care:  The clinic provides primary care services for active duty members by appointment. Appointments may be scheduled by calling the front desk at (251) 441-6560/61.

    The following appointments can be made by calling the front desk.

    • Medical appointments.
    • Physical exams.
    • Gynecology services
    • Optometry services (Wednesdays)
    • Immunizations, by appointment for non-active duty.

    Acute care

    1)       Active Duty/Reserve Personnel on Orders can call for an appointment by calling 251-441-6560/61. It is recommended that patients call at 0630 the day they are sick for an appointment, Members will be assigned an appointment or they will be referred to Urgent Care if there is no availability. Requests for care after 0915 will be triaged accordingly and will depend on the availability of same day appointments and the nature of the patient’s request.

    2)      There is no walk-in sick call, everything is by appointment. The goal is to provide same day service for our patients.

    Dental Sick Call:  Held Monday – Friday at 0700 for Active Duty.

    Dental Examinations:  Exams can be scheduled by calling (251) 441-6560.
    Dental examinations are required ANNUALLY for active duty members and should be completed within 30 days of your birthday. (Typically completed during the annual  Physical Health Assessment (PHA).

    GYNECOLOGY:  Gynecology services are available by appointment.  Call the front desk to schedule an appointment.

    OPTOMETRY:  Optometry services are available on Wednesday only.  A limited number of non-active duty appointments are available.  Please feel free to call the front desk to check on the availability of these appointments.  Exams for dependents are limited to beneficiaries ages 5 and up.

    Note:  Active duty needing glasses are required to have an exam every 2 years and have 2 pair of glasses (NOT contact lenses) at all times.  Check with your Medical department representative or this clinic for assistance obtaining glasses.

    EYEGLASSES:  Eyeglasses may be ordered through the lab at any time during the clinic’s regular working hours.

    PHARMACY:  Services are available Monday-Friday 0730-1600.  See the pharmacy services page for more details.

    PHYSICAL EXAMS:  Please see the Physical Exams page for more details on specific exams, and their requirements.

    PHYSICAL THERAPY:  Contract physical therapy services are provided on Monday – Thursday.  A referral from one of our medical officers is required to access this service.

    IMMUNIZATIONS:  Are provided by appointment for non-active duty.  Immunizations are provided for retirees and their dependents.  Call: 251 441-6113 for specific details.

    MEDICAL RECORDS:  If this clinic is not the custodian of your health record, you must bring your record with you to ensure continuity of care and permit proper documentation of health care services.

    In accordance with the Medical Manual, COMDTINST M6000.1E, CH 4-A-5.  Active duty members are not permitted to maintain their own health records.


    CHECK-IN PROCESS:  You are expected to arrive for your appointment at the clinic appointment time provided to you by the front desk staff.  Arriving promptly at the appointed time allows the front desk to complete the check-in process prior to your Health Care Provider visit.  If you are late for your clinic appointment time, you may be asked to reschedule.  Remembering the provider’s name and having your ID card readily available will expedite the check-in process.  Children 10 and over must present a valid military ID. 

    To help the provider obtain a complete medical history, please bring your records with you if they are not maintained here. 

    In order to avoid the possibility of injury to your child and per clinic policy, certain exams such as PAP and GYN exams cannot be performed with children in the room.  Please do not bring children with you who do not have a scheduled appointment.  This is necessary to decrease your child’s exposure to illness.  Children must be supervised at all times while in the clinic.

    If you have dependent children who will be seen by the clinic, a parent or a legal guardian (designated by power of attorney letter) must be present during any exams or treatment.  Any power of attorney letters must be presented to clinic staff upon request.  Power of attorney letters are available at the clinic front desk.

    :  Active duty members are to be in the uniform of the day.  Members on leave or with authorization can wear appropriate civilian attire.

    Active DutyPersonnel:  Immunization updates are performed during annual wellness checks / physical exams, and upon scheduling an appointment. Patients will be required to stay in the clinic for 20 minutes after receiving any immunization to ensure there are no adverse reactions.

    You should contact your medical department representative or this clinic for specific immunization requirements.


    Reproductive Health Counseling:  The clinic has staff on board who can provide you with any reproductive health counseling info you may need. 

    • Vasectomies
    • Depo-Provera injections
    • IUD placement.

    Tobacco Cessation:  The clinic offers tobacco cessation services including classes as well as appropriate medications to allow you to stop using tobacco products.

    Please contact the clinic regarding more information on these services.

    HEALTH BENEFITS ADVICE:  Our Health Benefits Advisor (HBA) will provide information and assistance related to health care benefits.  The HBA may be reached at (800) 444-5445; ext: 3975/76, or if you are at the clinic inquire at the front desk.

    Information about services available at Keesler Air Force Base can be obtained by calling the Coast Guard Liaison at (228) 435-3098

    CONTACTING YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER:  Our provider(s) maintain a busy work schedule.  Should you need to contact your health care provider with any questions, please call the front desk at (251) 441-6560/61.  The front desk staff will note your concern and forward your request to the clinic nurse or the appropriate provider, who will then return your call at their earliest availability.

    AFTER HOURS CARE:  The clinic maintains a duty corpsman 24 hrs a day that may treat active duty personnel’s urgent needs only.  All active duty personnel must check with the duty corpsman before seeking Emergency room care if the condition is not life threatening. 

    For after hours dental emergencies, the clinic maintains a duty dental officer who may be reached by calling the duty HS at (251) 441-6410


    • On Base dial: 441-5925
    • Off base dial: 911

    APPOINTMENT FAILURES:  Failing an appointment consumes valuable provider time, and denies other service members access to care.  Military appointments can be considered a direct order for Active Duty.  Repeated failures will result in disciplinary action. 

    Medical Services Administrator