Aviation Training Center (ATC)

    Mobile, Alabama

    Physical Examinations


    PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS are by appointment.  We provide a full range of mandatory and routine physical examinations.  Coast Guard physical examination requirements are listed below:  

    • Pre-Commissioning/Appointment, BI-Annual Aviation, and OMSEP examinations: Preliminary tests are conducted by an HS the morning of or day(s) prior to the Medical Officer Appointment.
    • Periodic Health Assessments (PHAs): Required annually for ALL active and reserve personnel.  These must be completed during your birth month period. (Your birth month and 2 months proceeding.)
    • Biennial Aviation / Dive: Required every 2 years after initial designation until age 48. Completion is required within 90 days of the end of your birth month. 
    • (OMSEP) Occupational Medical Surveillance/ Evaluation Program: Exams vary according to type of work or exposure. Requirements are designated by unit OMSEP coordinator or physician. 
    • Command Afloat: Required prior to afloat assignment, and annually thereafter. 
    • Overseas / Sea Duty: Required within 6 months of reporting to units that deploy for a period of 60 days or more. 
    • Pre-Commissioning / Appointment: Required within 12 months prior to original appointment as an officer. 
    • Separation from Active Duty:  Required within 12 months for retirement, and 6 months for involuntary separation, or release from active duty into the Ready Reserves (selected drilling or IRR).  If at all possible, these should be completed no less than 6 months prior to separation to allow time to correct problems that may be found during the physical examination.
    • If you have questions regarding the status of an examination, call 251-441-6403 and talk to the Physical exams staff.


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