Aviation Training Center (ATC)

    Mobile, Alabama


    Has an established a Same Day Appointment System for Active Duty Personnel.

    The clinic is devoted to seeing active duty personnel for acute medical issues on the same day an appointment is scheduled. This means that if a patient calls for an appointment at 0630, they can be assured either a same day appointment or referred to Urgent care. Requests for care after 0915 will be triaged accordingly and will depend on the availability of same day appointments and the nature of the patient’s request.

    In general, patients will be unable to book future appointments except for those designated for follow up by the clinic's physicians and for physicals. The focus of this approach is “doing today’s work today.”

     1. Acute appointments are for non-urgent issues and new problems and open up within a 24 hour window (i.e., call at 0630 morning of illness to request same day appointment.)

    2. Please be explicit when stating the reason you want to be seen. Do not state that you are merely "sick," state the reason, such as "back pain for two weeks" or "sore throat." This helps us prepare for your visit.

    3. Routine appointments are for non-urgent issues and new problems, such as medication refills, new medical issues you want to be seen for that are not urgent, up chits, et al.

    4. Only active duty personnel enrolled to the clinic can register and book appointments. Non-active duty personnel and active duty personnel who have not enrolled to the clinic yet will not be able to register for appointments.

    5. Retired/Dependents are not routinely seen in this clinic, are scheduled based upon availability.


    Appointments: 251-441-6560
    After Hours/Emergency: 251-441-6410
    Clinic Supervisor: 251-441-6877