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What is the CG Foreign Language Program?
•The program, outlined in ALCOAST 585/05, aims to build a strong pool of members proficient in a variety of languages.
•There are two levels of language proficiency, linguists and interpreters. Linguists have a higher level of fluency while interpreters have a working level proficiency. See the ILR Skill Level Descriptions for details on levels of proficiency.
•Members who have passed the proficiency test and fill billets that require a language proficiency, receive Foreign Language Proficiency Pay (FLPP) . See ALCOAST 275/06 for details on language billets.

How do I get certified as a linguist or interpreter?
•You will need to take the DLPT V, a computer-based language test than includes both reading and listening components.

How do I arrange to take the DLPT?
•Only full-time regional ESOs and a few collateral duty ESOs can give the DLPT tests. Ask your ESO for information on where you will need to go and how to set up an appointment.

DLPT Frequently Asked Questions
•FAQ about the USCG Foreign Language Program
•FAQ about the DLPT Test 

Defense Foreign Language Proficiency Test (DLPT)
•ESO support for reactivating a disabled DLPT Test Administrator account can be obtained by contacting DMDC customer support desk at 1-800-372-7437. The ETQC is not able to reset the DLPT accounts.
•All other issues with DLPT contact your SSM at (405) 954-7238.

DLPT Policies
ALCOAST 456/11: Expansion and Increase of Foreign Language Proficiency Pay (FLPP) Rates
ALCOAST 275/06: Coast Guard Linguists/Coast Guard Foreign Language Program
ALCOAST 585/05: Coast Guard Foreign Language Program
•DOD Memorandum: Foreign Language Proficiency Pay (FLPP) Certification (Dec 06)
•NETPDTC 1550-9 Mgmt DLPT
•OSD DLPT Management Memo
•The Law

DLPT Procedures
•DLPT-V System Familiarization Guide
•ILR Skill Level Descriptions
•Required Setup to Administer DLPT-5 Exam
•Entering Language/Foreign Language Test Results

DLPT Testing Sites
•Only Coast Guard authorized DLPT Testing sites may administer the DLPT.
•All full-time ESOs should be designated as DLPT testing sites. If a collateral ESO sees a need to be a designated DLPT site, they should contact the Course Support & Testing Division at the ETQC.

DLPT Frequently Asked Questions
•FAQ about the USCG Foreign Language Program
•FAQ about the DLPT Test



Other test/exam results
•For information on how to enter graduate school admission exams (i.e. GRE, GMAT, LSAT, etc.) in Direct Access (DA), please refer to the DA help guide located at the Coast Guard Pay & Personnel Center (PPC) website. Members should contact their SPO for assistance. The CG Institute does not enter these test/exam results in DA.



•ETQC/VOL ED does not handle any servicewide exams. Contact the USCG Pay & Personnel Center (PPC) Advancements and Evaluations Branch with any questions or issues.

◦Phone: (785) 339-3400
◦FAX: (785) 339-3765
◦Website: PPC Advancements and Evaluations Branch



EOCT Policies
21 day retesting policy




•ESO & Member Qualification Course Process Guide



How to order DVDs
•DVDs can be ordered by unit ESOs. These DVDs are expendable items and may be maintained at units.

Course Code  Title Description
0816 JPC Judgmental Pistol Course (Note: For Boarding Officers & SAIs ONLY)
0817 JUFE Judgmental Use of Force Evaluation (Vessel on Vessel)

The time length of these DVDs vary from 10 to 120 minutes per topic. ESOs should preview the contents for applicability prior to showing the DVD at the unit. These DVDs should be incorporated as a supplement to the unit's overall training program.