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Exercise Support

The Exercise Support Division has 33 active duty and civilian billets serving at 3 branches located in Alameda CA, Norfolk VA, and Washington DC.  Exercise Support Teams (ESTs) deploy in groups of 3-4 people to support of Coast Guard Commands.

Each FY the Exercise Support Division supports 40-50 Congressional mandated and Commandant directed exercises. ESTs are assigned to the Coast Guard’s most complex operations based exercises and a limited number of discussion based exercises.

Exercise Support is provided to Coast Guard Commandant HQ staffs/AREA/District/Sector commands with the majority of exercises executing at the sector level.

ESTs also provide support to operational commanders with active collections of Lessons Learned and After Action Reports for real-world events such as Deep Water Horizon, Super Storm Sandy, Hurricane Matthew, and Presidential Inauguration.

How FC-ES Benefits the CG:

  • Improves quality of contingency plans.
  • Increases operational readiness.
  • Improves operational units ability to respond to emergent situations.
  • Shares lessons learned and best practices across the Coast Guard.

What FC-ES Does:

FORCECOM Exercise Support provides professional support & expertise in designing, developing, conducting, evaluating, & reporting on all-threats/ all-hazards contingency exercises.